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Maizbhandar Darbar Sharif

The village of Maizbhandar of Chittagong district - Chayaghera bird is called the garden of peace, which is known as "Maizbhandar Darbar Sharif", all over the world, for the benefit of the Sharafat, the great Gausul Azam Maizbhandari Emanul Awlia Hazrat Maulana Shahsufi Syed Ahmad Ullah (A) 1233 Bangla (1826 AD) 1) La Magh JhaMagadh.

At the end of the native education, in the year 1260, Calcutta was admitted to Alia Madrasa and after the study, he took the position of Kazi in Jessore. After staging the post, Munshi taught in the madrasa of Munshi BU Ali Shah in Calcutta. He was a bachelor or a perfect man. The bill has earned the merchandise of the Mokhalefah against the lawlessness or nephew.

Hazrat Pir (c), his descendants and Kadariya were given the caliphate Kavinain Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abu Shahama took the prayer at the Tale of Salah al-Kaderi Lahori, Goddess Goddess of Gaushite and the elder brother of Pirat Tariq, Syed Delwar Ali from Pokhbaj, Become Mokamel.

After the rainy season in the field of study, on 1 January 1906, the great Ghausul Azam Oafat was received on Wednesday. In order to maintain the glory of Gaushiyat Qutbiyet, he had been selected by Ofta, after the death of his grandson, Maulana Shah Chufi, Syed Delaar Hossain, Maijabhandari (A), declared him as "Balag" and placed him in his own house, who got Oafat in 1982. In order to continue the tradition of this Sharafat before the reformer-e-Ghausul Azam (A), in the year 1974, his third son, Hazrat Maulana Shah Chhufi Syed Emdadul Haq Maijabhandari (M), declared "the best" in his human civilization, in his obituary Successful introduction of this Gaushiyat with the right to control education, initiation, Shajra-daan, Fatwahat by nominating them Go to the donor. This tradition of Sharafat, which is glorified by the Qibla Kabar Gaushiyet Qutbiyat, will be continued through the nomination of Shajra. - In shah Allah.


Genealogy of Gausul Azam Hazrat Syed Ahmad Ullah Maizabhandari (A) :


Ahmad Ullah's predecessor, Syed Hamid Uddin, was elected as the Imam and Qazi in Gaur city. Because of the epidemic of Gauda, ​​he settled in Kanchan town of Patiya police station in Chittagong in 1575; There is a village called Hamid Gaon in his name. One of his sons Syed Abdul Kad came to Azimnagar Graeme Fatikchhari Police station on the occasion of Imamati and settled. Syed Matiullah of his son Syed Ataullah, his son Syed Taibullah, settled in the village of Maijbhandar.

In 1826, Hijri 1244, 1233 Bangla 1st Magh, Hazrat Maulana Shah Chufi Syed Ahmad Ullah Maizbhandari (J) took the jam on Wednesday. He (A) was the Awlad Rasool. His father's name is Syed Matiullah (Rh). Mother's name Syeda Khairunnessa Bibi (Rh).


Education Life Of Gauchul Azam Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi :


At the age of four, he started his education in rural Maktab. After completing the education of Ahmad Ullah in the village, he was admitted to Calcutta Alia Madrasa in 1260 AH for higher education. He passed the examination with a special achievement in 1268 AH. At that time, he finished his highest level of education and was engaged in religious campaigning with sufficient goodness as an invited guest or speaker on religious occasions.


Working Life Of Hadrath Kebla :


After finishing his education, he joined the judicial Kazi in the Indian state of Jessore in undivided India under the British rule in the year 1269 and at the same time he started studying Munshi. Later he resigned from the post of Qazi in 1270 AH and he joined the Munshi Bu Ali Madrasa in Calcutta as the chief minister. The next time he was in Munsifi examination and he occupied first place.

Ahmad Ullah Mizawandari Hadith, Tafsir, Fiqh, Muneek, Hikmat, Balakhat, Ushul, Akayed, Philchha, and Faraya were very experienced in all matters including. He was specially educated in Arabic, Urdu, Bengali and Persian. During that time, his nodakak, as a voice and as a speaker, was particularly stuck. Shortly afterwards, he appointed self to take up spiritual life. From that time he spent the rest of his life as a sufi saint.


The initiation of spiritual life : 

Ahmad Ullah Maizbhandari, the descendant of Rasul (S) and received the caliphate of that order, obtained the power of Qatbiyat from Syed Abu Shahamah Muhammad Selyh al-Kaderi Lahori (R) and accepting alms from Syed Delwar Ali Pakbaj (R). He spent time teaching day and night with worship and royat. In this way, through hard persistence, he achieved the highest level of spiritual world.


Founding of Maijabhandari Ruya and the opening of Maizbandar Darbar Sharif :

Hazrat Gausul Azam Maizbhandari (A) returned to his village Maijabhandar in 1857, on the orders of his pirate. The sacred house of this worship has become a high spiritual spiritual court of the welfare of the world humanity, filled with spiritual saints and praying expectations.

In the Lok Sabha, "Meijbhandar Darbar Sharif" is known.

The events of the Qiblah (A) incomparable deeds were published in different texts and public.

Like :


  • After the establishment of the Mohnishyan Madrasa and the appointment of Modrera, by spiritual influence.
  • One night from the holy spirit of Hazrat, the return of Hajj to the city of Mecca Sharif.
  • The return of a Hajj miraculously to the house with power in the hands of power of the Hazrat.
  • The spiritual repercussions of Hajrat thrown in the face of the tiger,
  • With the expansion of Hazrat's sacrifice, there is an increase in life expectancy and death for sixty years.
  • According to the order of Hajrat, the estate of Riaz Uddin Ukil and the founder of Reaz Uddin Bazar.
  • In the amazing story of Hazrat, to see the musalli entering the Kaaba under the armpit. This type of high quality caromata carries the identity of Azmiyat.


Prophecy of Hadrat Muhiuddin Ibn al-Arabi :

Distinguished hound theoretical researcher and scholar Mohiuddin Ibn al-Arabi has predicted the arrival of Hazrat Gausul Azam Maulana Syed Ahmad Ullah (a) in his book 'Fhechesh Shichi' in the book 'Fachusul Hekam' and his Gausul Azam


World humanity celebrates :

Hadrat Al-Aasadah (A) blessed him with the blessings of Matilah in Buzurgan and he became a Jamali from Jamali. No praise for Kamaliyat or Buzurgi is excluded from his book.

He is a God-given superiority, who has given the form of being the desire of the people to do the good things of the people and not by the influence of Ajmeet in his cows.

Hadrat Khwaja Khizir (A) with him had a very close spiritual relationship with him.

In contemporary Ullamayi karam and Buzurgas, they used to have a very respected high regard for him, which can be understood from his written words, poetry, poetry, commentary etc.

The non-saints, who have received spiritual blessings from their spiritual fate, have reached a unique paradigm of the welfare of the world by reaching the message of spirituality at different places.


Assigning the Caliphate and Delegation:

Gausul Azam Hajrat Maulana Syed Ahmad Ullah (A) at the end of his mortal life, in the presence of the socialist and people of the area, in the presence of his holy Hujura Sharif Door Mehrab, the son of the son of his son, Gausul Azam Hazrat Maulana Shah Chufi Syed Delaar Hossain Maizbhandari (A) Gadi Sharif nominated the spiritual heir to be replaced.

Ophat and Oros:

Gausul Azam Hazrat Maulana Syed Ahmad Ullah (A) at the age of 79, on January 23, 1906, 10th May 1313 BS, left Diwali on the last night on Monday. On the occasion of his 'Oafat Day' 8 or 9th and 10th of every year, Osh Sharif is held for 3 days.

Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi
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